Navmatica at ASPRS 2006

Navmatica at ASPRSNavmatica CTO participates in a joint paper by Prof Vittorio Casella, Prof Karsten Jacobsen, Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, and Dr. Marica Franzini. the paper title is: A European Project on Direct Georeferencing Evaluation, presented at the ASPRS Annual Conference held in Reno, Nevada from May 1 to 5, 2006.



About Navmatica

Since 2003, Navmatica Corporation has been focused on Geospatial service provision and custom software development for the Geomatics industry. Our experience covers Geodetic Positioning, Airborne Mapping, Mobile Mapping, and Indoor Mapping. We are experts in the design of mapping workflows, system integration, and delivering end-to-end projects from primary data acquisition to final map production. Furthermore, we offer on-site training courses for caliber building purposes. For more information please contact us:

  • Head Office – Toronto, Ontario, CANADA at +1.647.777.7911
  • Regional Branch – Dubai, UAE at +971.4.422.6920