Navmatica establishes CORS and Geodetic Networks in Oman

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada – Navmatica announced today its participation in the Project: “Development of a Nationwide Orthophoto Coverage and Data Management System” done for the Supreme Council for Town Planning (SCTP) in Oman.

Navmatica will establish Continuously Operating Reference Stations across the Country of Oman. The CORS network design, layout, simulations, instrumentation,  establishment, data processing, and reporting will be the responsibility of Navmatica. Navmatica will use state of the art GNSS technology coupled with state of the art data modelling, processing and network adjustment techniques. Navmatica will use the IGS products including the Precise Satellite Ephemeris, Satellite Clock Corrections, and the Ionospheric and Tropospheric grids. Additionally, in order to tie the aerial photography into the new CORS network, Navmatica will establish 600 Second Order Geodetic Control Stations across the country of Oman using GNSS.



About Navmatica

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