Award of a Geodetic Project

Navmatica ME, Dubai, UAE – Navmatica Middle East (ME) a wholly owned subsidiary of Navmatica Corporation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  announced today the award of a new project segment in the Riyadh Metro project.


FAST, one of the three consortia responsible for building the 176 Km metro in the city of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has awarded Navmatica in collaboration with Nesma Trading Co. Ltd. a new geospatial project segment where a first and second order Networks of Permanent Reference Markers (PRM) will be established covering significant parts of the city of Riyadh where the metro segment will be built by the FAST Consortium.


Navmatica ME together with NESMA Trading Co. Ltd. shall use Navmatica’s high precision geodetic GNSS receivers coupled with precise leveling instruments and use Navmatica’s precise GNSS Satellite Orbits and Satellite Clock Correction technology coupled with Navmatica’s ultra-precision geodetic network design for achieving the highest possible positioning accuracy to be leveraged in the following years of various project construction and engineering activities. Navmatica shall also use its local know-how in the Middle East Region having delivered  a variety of mapping products and services in both public and private sectors to complete a successful project efficiently and timely.




About Navmatica

Since 2003, Navmatica Corporation has been focused on Geospatial service provision and custom software development for the Geomatics industry. Our experience covers Geodetic Positioning, Airborne Mapping, Mobile Mapping, and Indoor Mapping. We are experts in the design of mapping workflows, system integration, and delivering end-to-end projects from primary data acquisition to final map production. Furthermore, we offer on-site training courses for caliber building purposes. For more information please contact us:

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