Workflow Evaluation, USA

Workflow Evaluation, ESRI, Redlands, CA – USA

Navmatica has been steadily providing Geomatics Consulting services to a variety of Geospatial product vendors in the USA, Canada, and Europe. A recent example is a workflow evaluation project completed for ESRI, Redlands, California. The objective of this project was to perform an independent evaluation of ArcGIS for on-the-fly processing and serving of Trimble DSS airborne raster imagery. The investigation covered both the workflow efficiency and the geometric accuracy of the end ortho products, with the goal of establishing ArcGIS as a viable tool for orthophoto map production. Multiple airborne imagery data sets coupled with a variety of ASTER, SRTM and LiDAR DEMs have been used in this project.
Results of this project were presented at the USGS JACIE Workshop, March 29 – 31, 2011