navmatica-services-gisNavmatica provides geomatics engineering consultancy and custom software development services. Our domain expertise covers Airborne Mapping, Mobile Mapping, Indoor Mapping, and Geodetic Positioning. Our Airborne Mapping covers manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. Our Indoor mapping serves the Construction, Oil & Gas, and Security sectors. Our Mobile Mapping serves the Infrastructure Sector.

Navmatica has served its clients from around the world with geomatics services utilizing its collective technical experience in the geomatics engineering field from its headquarters in Toronto, Canada and its regional branch in Dubai, UAE since its inception in 2002.

Navmatica has participated in high profile projects in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East including High Precision 3D Topo Mapping of the Riyadh Metro Project using Mobile Mapping in Saudi Arabia, Aircraft Positioning using CORS in the United States, High Precision Geodetic Positioning in Dubai, Custom software for Direct Georeferencing in Canada and Airborne Mapping in Kenya.

Mapping by UAV

UAV_iconNavmatica provides Consulting services in the field of High Precision Mapping by UAV. Navmatica founders have participated in the development of integrated imaging/laser/GNSS/Inertial multi-sensor systems since the 1990s empowered by postgraduate education at The University of Calgary, Canada and served the geomatics professional community for over two decades with new technologies, procedures, workflows, and custom softwares.

Navmatica harnesses its combined experience in the Geomatics engineering field along with its deep understanding of the underlying concepts of Mapping by UAV’s to serve the Geomatics community with hands-on training on the theory and applications of “Mapping by UAV”. Navmatica offers its training programs for both technical and business professionals at various levels.

Further, Navmatica offers its consultancy services to help you with the UAV payload sensor integration, data fusion workflow development, and custom software development. Additionally, Navmatica offers its Geomatics Service Provision including data processing & QC to produce accurate mapping products efficiently and timely.


Navmatica specializes in architectural, transportation, electromechanical, and structural Engineering. Since our establishment in 2003 we have delivered services in North America, Europe and the Middle East, with a solid record of quality and support.